Motion Control - MRMC Bolt Jr+ Rental

Camera motion control employs robotics and software purpose built for filmmaking to simplify the process of creating camera moves in precise, repeatable ways.

Our Bolt Jr+ robot can shoot virtually any camera move without the need for complicated rigging. It’s a 6 axis robot arm, with a 7th axis of motion provided by it’s motorized track.

MRMC Bolt Jr+ Operating Envelope

MRMC Bolt Jr+ Cinebot Rental with Experienced Operators

  • 22lb Payload
  • 9ft Wingspan
  • Runs on 20A House Power
  • 30'Precision Motorized Track
  • Target tracking keeps subject in frame and in focus
  • Orbital camera moves
  • Frame accurate synchronization
  • Mix different frame rates on the same camera move
  • Value add service for photographers
  • Replicate actors or objects on takes
  • Capture same camera movement at different locations
  • Optical illusions
  • Miniatures and scaling
  • Focus stacking
  • Continuous motion transitions

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